Renaissance man
  1: A man who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences. 2: scholar who is in a position to acquire more than superficial knowledge about many different interests.

It's been a long time, but I'm starting to work on this page again...

  WebCam           My home cam. (Am I home now?)

  Album             My current movies and/or photos.

  Home WWW   My "Home" www page by dynamic IP.
(I'm having trouble getting past my ADSL modem)
  Home FTP        My "Home" ftp page by dynamic IP.

  Experiments      Questions that I try to answer.

  Places                Places in the world to note.

  Library              A collection of documents and images.

  Files                   For Free Download.
  Job                       Job and experience. I am a millwright specializing in boilers and air compressors.
  WebMail           My email portal.

  Links                  DC links don't works this sight

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