Stick Calls

Here are some usual and unusual stick calls that were sent to me. A "stick call" is what the person with the stick says when s/he sees the dice land on a certain number.


·         COME OUT:
"the less you bet, the more you lose when you don't win"

·         TWO:
"craps," "two aces," "rats eyes," "snake eyes," "push the don't," "eleven in a shoe store," "twice in the rice," "two bad boys from Illinois," "just a lil' crap" "swallow the come, bang em' twice in the field"

·         THREE:
"craps," "ace-deuce," "ace caught a deuce," "winner on the darkside," "small ace deuce, can't produce," "the other side of eleven's tummy," "cross eyes," "easy craps," "Australian 40," "acey-deucy Ricky and Lucy," "2 on 1 is A little more fun," "Lil' Mary lookin' scary"

·         FOUR:
"Little Joe," "little Joe from Kokomo," "hit us in the tu tu," "ace trey, the country way," "the Bishop"

·         FIVE:
"after five, the field's alive," "thirty-two juice roll" (OJ's jersey number), "little Phoebe," "fiver fiver, racetrack driver," "we got the fever," "Cocktail waitress, a pair and a trey"

·         SIX:
"big red, catch'em in the corner," "like a blue chip stock," "pair-o-treys, waiter's roll," "the national average," "sixie from Dixie," "two rows of rabbit crap," "easy six is good, hard six is better"

·         SEVEN:
"grab the money," "five two, you're all through," "six ace, end of the race," "front line winner, back line skinner," "six one, you're all done," "seven's a bruiser, the front line's a loser," "up pops the devil," "Benny Blue, you're all through." "cinco dos,adios" "seven out, stickman sucks" "warm beer, cold dice"

·         EIGHT:
"a square pair, like mom and dad," "Ozzie and Harriet," "the windows," "eighter from Decatur," "Hardways hoppin', but no ones shopping"

·         NINE:
"center field," "center of the garden," "ocean liner niner," "Nina from Pasadena," "What shot Jesse James? A forty-five," "Nine, nine.just like mine," "top of the heap," "centrally located in the field for your betting convenience"

·         TEN:
"puppy paws," "pair-a-roses," "pair of sunflowers," "the big one on the end," "10 the hard way, ladies delight!" "6/4 = Limp ten," "the throat tickler," "Big ten, ladies' best friend," "tallest point in the joint"

·         ELEVEN:
"yo leven," "yo Levine the dancing queen, she's six foot five and takes no jive," "yo mamma," "crap on the bottom"

·         TWELVE:
"craps," "boxcars," "atomic craps," "all the spots we got," "outstanding in your field," "triple dipple, in the lucky ducky," "double saw on boxcars", "second biggest pair on the table," "smoke the line, toke the don't," "Big daddy in the rice paddy"



Learn them, live them, and love them…